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Hi everyone, thankyou for stopping by. I'm 18 yrs old. And have experienced alot of difficult times in the past 5-8 yrs. Which had in turn become a major inspiration to my poems. So I hope you enjoy them. Please comment and rate them. Thankyou

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  • So God, I hope youre listening this time around.
    I've fallen again, no one around to pick me up...

  • Did you ever look above,
    And see all the stars I've seen and cherished...

  • My fairytale is now my reality,
    From the compassionate kisses to the protective...

  • I will forever cherish the simple things you've...
    I will forever thank you for what you've made me...

  • Dear Junior,
    I'm sorry Mommy couldn't hold you. I'm sorry you...

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