Did you ever...

by Samantha   Oct 30, 2005

Did you ever look above,
And see all the stars I've seen and cherished.
Taken the time to pray for God to answer.
To answer the one hope, for I've always wished.

Did you ever let yourself fall in love.
From the very start, something was there.
Did you ever realize just what I have to give.
Just how many great memories, we'd live to share.

Did you ever feel just how much I'm in love with you.
Did you ever lay down and dream of loving someone regardless.
Have you taken the time to open your ears,
Have you realized that life is too short for shyness.

When I cried, for you to love me.
You held my hand and told me everything will be okay.
When you told me, you didn't want to see me.
I was abandoned, alone, and didn't know what to say.

Now its been a long time and I've missed alot,
Yet my heart has felt the same.
For I know this is a undying true love.
Ever since into my life, you've came.

So I ask only this of the man I truely admire,
Will you continue to live a life unsure of what love has to show,
Because I've been patient, and waited for a heart to mend its feelings.
I've continued to love you, from then, to forever, and now.

Did you ever know I'd love you,
regardless of the things you've put me through.
For I have found a surreal friendship and companion,
in someone I love and hope loves me too.


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