In Memory Of Devan King.. xx

by B4BY BLU3 X   Aug 29, 2005

**Please take the time to read, comment and rate this poem. It is dedicated to Deavan King, who was a member of this site, who, sadly passed away not long ago. She was caught up in depression and stabbed herself.**

A young girl
Has lost her life
All because she gave in
To the addictive knife

She hoped that things would get better
She cried each night
She brought her hopes up
Thinking that one day, they might

But the more she cried
The more she started to see
That things are never as easy
As people made them out to be

She was a friend of mine
A girl of delight
But the other night
She gave me a fright...

Now I live in regret
Because I was not there for her
To talk to her
When she needed to feel better

All I can do now
Is hope she is in a better place
Where she no longer
Has to hide the tears running down her face



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