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Hi y'all I'm from UK in Essex. I was brought up in East London which is a very rough area so I've had quite a hard time living life so far. But hey, I'm only young and hopefully things will get better in the future. Writing poems is my way of expressing myself and getting things off my head. I would be so greatful if you would just comment on some of my poems. Have a look at my older stuff aswell cuz hardly anyone reads them anymore...I feel sorry for them :( lol xxxx
Throughout my life so far I've managed to learn that most men are arseholes!!! So yeah lol...xx

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  • Why do you keep doing this to me?
    You bring my hopes up..
    And then let me down..
    You start me off with a smile..
    But finish my day with a frown...
    I love you baby can't you see?
    That you're the only one I want with me.

    Emz xXx

    18 years ago
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  • You made me feel alright
    For once in my life

    Emz xXx

    18 years ago
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  • Should've known right from the start
    You'd go and break my heart

    Emz xXx

    18 years ago
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