Everybody Says But They Will Never Know

by ashley   Sep 4, 2005

Everybody says you will be OK
They say it's only a behavioral problem
They tell me I don't have depression
But do they know what I think about
Do they know how I feel inside
They have no clue
But yet they can still tell me what I have
Like they are my doctor
Like they know my mind and my heart
Looking around no one understands
They ask me why can't I be nice
But honestly if I told them they would think I was crazy
Im not I'm just alone
No matter how many people are around me I'm always alone
Everybody says that you need to stop the out of control behavior
If I knew how to control it I would
I just don't know how to
Stop the crying
The yelling
The sadness
If they know me so well then why can't they give me the answers?
Everybody says but do they really know?
The real me behind my eyes
There lies the real truth that only I can feel
That only I understand?
There lies my sadness and my heart
Only is they were me
And only then can they tell me what I think, feel, and need to do!
Everybody says but if they only knew what I keep on the inside....


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