She died for love!!!

by :)butterfly_girl:)   Sep 25, 2005

I know it may seem long but please take some time and read my poem.
She was a girl of 15 years old.
she was always outgoing and full of life
but she always felt lonely inside
Up until the day she met that one special guy.
the one guy she knew she would love till the end.
She finally got the nerve to go up to him and start talking to him.
After a while of talking they got together as a couple.
then before she knew it She had fallen in love with him
and she knew without his love she would die.
everything was good between them and they were both happy
though thats what she thought.
up until the day he said that he can no longer be with her.
she broke into tries asking him why??
he never gave her a reason for breaking her heart they way he did.
she cried day after day and night after night.
until the day she just had enough
she sat on her bed thinking about everything she had with him and how happy she was.
she got a knife out of under her bed.
and right then and there she deiced to take her life away.
she cut her wrist and along with that she cut her veins.
she slowly drifted away and then before she knew it was dead.
The next day her mom came into her room and to what she saw will always haunt her for the rest of her life.
she saw her daughter in a pool of blood.
she saw a piece of paper in her right hand
and the letter read:
Dear mom and everyone:
i am really sorry for what i have done.
i died for love. cuz without him i couldn't go on.
please don't cry always remember that i will be here next to you mom
and to everyone else. and i will always be watching each and everyone one of you from up above.
and tell him that i love him with all my heart and i always will and let him know that
i wrote this cuz my friend was about to take her lfe away for the 0ne she loved
and i got some ideas about past realtionships. so please rate and comment.


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