The boy i thought would be for me!!

by :)butterfly_girl:)   Jul 3, 2004

(i am writing this for a friend of my mine who lost the guy she loved very

When i think about him i
think of words to say, but they
usually don't come out the same
way. When a other girl comes along he's always their, but when
I needed him the most he was never their. My emotions where so
strong for him that i wish those
feelings would never end, i like
this guy, don't get me wrong. i just
think its wrong how he played
me wrong. If only he could see how
much he meant to me, i bet
i could've been that girl he
always wanted me to be.!!!!

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  • 15 years ago

    by Debbs

    hope it works out for your friend has she tried tellin him how she feels if he anything like my friend who im in love with i know it would be hard im like your friend i could been whatever he wanted i love him that much and he knows i would do anything for him