The monster

by :)butterfly_girl:)   Jul 3, 2004

This happened on night i was home alone waiting for my parents to get here. I was alone with my brothers friend he is a very cool person to be around so i thought. Then he started acting weird and i got scared and try calling everyone i would think of but i couldn't think of many numbers at that moment. Then i started running and then he comes after me and hits me from behind and carries me to the couch and there is where it all happened. i tried fighting him but he hit me again. Then he started to take my clothes off he he took his off and i was screaming for help but no on could hear me and that is when he raped me. I know am getting over it little by little and he was put in jail but his family paid the bound for him to get out. So know he is out on the lose.

It really didn't happen to me. It happened to one of my friends who is still getting over it and i am helping her.


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