Last night

by Failed Attempt   Oct 12, 2005

Last night, our group sat tight
I looked around at this group
This one group, my last group.
This would be the group, that would see me dead
Their lives would be shaken
And I could see, looking around at each
How they'd be, without me.
The affect I would have, on them after I\'m gone
Their lives screwed up and such a mess
They were so shifty, so high
All I wanted was to die
not able to walk straight
my legs so numb
my body so heavy
I was so excited
So full, an outburst of energy
So fidgety, yet so shifty
And just so crazy
I\'ve never appricated and wanted so much food
The chocolate melted and,
Nothing more is needed to be said.
We were so paranoid
So scared and shitting ourselves
When we all ran, to avoid being wet
I thought we were running from the cops
I freaked and wanted to hide the pot.
In the retunder, the stories I heard
Made me feel so scared
Walking home, a drunken man
Made me nervous, uneasy
All I wanted to do was run.
The way I felt
Just oinly last nighbt
I can't explain
I was so high
But al I wanted was to do was die.


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