Let It Bleed 2

by Extinct Angel   Oct 14, 2005

Get up of my knees
stop the weakness
cant feel meekness
of my body as I become dizzy
dying on my floor
trying to reopen the wound
I left all the scares
all the stain on my cheek
from the lost tears over the years.
My blood ain't ever blue
its crimson as I lay in the puddle
look from above and wonder
what happened to me
in my quest to find my bliss.
my blade failed me to deep
damn that hurt not now I'm dead
I don't feel I never did in the first place
so sit and stare at the corpse on the ground
weep you tears until you drown
thats what you think I do
yet I don't neither will you
all you'll do is Let It Bleed


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  • 16 years ago

    by Andrea broken tears

    Again i love it i know how it feels
    keep strong love you