Let It Bleed LP

by Extinct Angel   Oct 14, 2005

This is the last print
the last pint of blood has spilled
all pinned on me
as I become cold
never going become old
no ones hearing this only feeling
this as if its the revolution
to solution death
ain't the way for all but it was the way for me
it was the only way to get away from all the trouble pain
and strain as my dad his me
good now he can't
he's the one cleaning up this mess
now I get my rest I deserved this.
My eyes open
to see the look on their faces
as i go to my place
at hell gate next to Satan
laughing our A@#es off.
I'm insane that way
now I'm gone
not a tear spilled for me
as if there never was
just it all goes bleak
and before the end of the week
I'll have been forgotten
but I'll spill over to a younger me
as all I do is finish Letting It Bleed.

Bye ya ll hope to see you some day just look me up call upon you razor and do what I did just let it bleed


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