To Jos*

by Failed Attempt   Oct 17, 2005

I look back
Apon that night
The night where things
Have never been the same

The position I was put in
The way you found out
Was not how I planned
I never wanted you to know

Its is my life
The life you were part of
But, that doesn't mean you need to know ever aspect of it
It's my choice to what I let out.

You thought of me as your bestfriend
That feeling was not mutural
We were close,
But in the times I needed you most.

You value information over freindship
I can't stand that
As every friend
Is there for a different reason

You craved a bestfriend
I wasn't what you wanted
You became to dislike me
Because of my saddness

Did you honestly think
I enjoy being this person,
I dislike the constand mood of saddness with such passion
That, you can never understand.

You say I was your best friend
In the times anna and me fought
Not realising we can never be torn apart.

You came between us
Choosing anna, because she gave you what you wanted
Answers I would not give.

I didn't tell you why
Not wanting you to out you in a position to choose
That was my mistake
You still made that choice.

You said the point of me telling you
Was so you could give support
I ask you what support did you give?
The answer to that is NONE

You got angry at me for not telling you
But your reaction was what I thought
After that night you havn't cared
Out of your own selfishness.

At the start of the year
It was impossible to sort things out
The problem between us
Because if I ever wanted to talk about our friendship
You became all ***** and turned it into a fight.

You accused me of ditching you
Stating I\'ve changed and that you don\'t know me anymore
You don\'t understand
That kates screaming inside

You accuse me of not tellig you anything
When waiting at the bus stop
When a week before I poured my heart out to you

You said you\'d be there for me
I could call any time, but a week later you pushed me away
Not talking or saying goodbye.

What do you expect me to say?
You don\'t understand you weren\'t the person I could confide in
That didn\'t mean it had to affect us
You wanted what I couldn\'t give

You left without saying goobye
Without a care in the world
Its not me who\'s forgotton you
And without you, I\'m not complete.

I love you josi
And miss you more than you know
If I could turn back time
Change the past, I would.

People change
Friends part
I felt such guilt
As fast as a wall was bult.


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by the middle

    well i read this poem a few days ago now, and ever since, i've been feeling like s***. i've also been trying to think of a way to say what i mean in a way that you'll understand...
    so firstly, i'm so sorry. i know you didn't want me to know, but kate, for a while there... you WERE one of my best friends. and please... you have to know that i never intentionally tried to come between you and anna. i know/knew how close you guys were... and i would never intentionally try to break that up. you guys ahd your own issues. im sorry kate. i really am. but i also hope that you can see where i was coming from, and how i felt. i don't know what else to say. but i was really upset by that poem. i'm sorry if you think all of it's the truth. i'm not saying it's all wrong, i know i didn't handle the situation well... but i wasn't THAT mean. you were the one who stopped talking to me because you just assumed i was angry at you or was trying to make everything a fight. so i'm sorry for the things i did wrong, and just know that i did think about what you said... maybe you could do the same for me.
    take care, xo

  • 14 years ago

    by Torn

    A bit harsh don't u think? I agree on some bits, for that situation, but kate did u think how jos was feeling?? i duno just think about it...

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