Do you believe

by Andrew   Oct 18, 2005

Do you believe
that your the one that lets me breath
do you know
that where ever you are i love to be

not my words only my feelings may show
that passion i have that you don't know
so i spill my heart onto a page
the words run off as i try to relay
not finding quite the words i am trying to say
only my action may show you the way

that way i dream and long for the day
that you are mine to the end to stay
so do you believe now that you know
now that i have told you the side i cant show

i wish and pray for you to stay
but i stutter and choke as i try to say
my face a scarlet red of blush
and i trip up with a single touch

but now is the time where i shall tell
how your beauty and velvet skin befell
fell into my dreams when ever i sleep
but something tells me that i am getting to deep

if i don't I'll breakdown and give up faith
and not be able to look you face to face
eye to eye and heart to heart
i told you my secret that was there from the start
and i take a breath and tell it all
and tell you just how much and how i long
and sing to you this true love song

there i did it
the weight of the world of my shoulders
as all my words in love i told her
this is the funny part about this poem
you felt the same way all along

and there we are in our own world
side by side next to that only girl
the only one that made me feel like this
and then slowly i see you lean in for a kiss!


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