Murder i wrote

by Andrew   Oct 18, 2005

Sometime i lock myself in my room
and dream of when i meet my doom
all these endless lies and to much pain
all this heart ache keep my hope distained

if i wasent for you i could have been
could have been the person i know within
but now the cut on my wrist will show the other side that no one knows

my scarlet scars and bloodshot eyes
has made me the person destined to die
the knife is my fantasy the rope is my dream
and fall asleep with the silent ecohs of my scream

just think about it when you see my grave
that you were the one that gave me the blade
and dragged it across my arm as i scream in pain
and i drown in my blood that formed the rain

and now i scream and start to choke
from all the blood rising in my throat
and on this last letter i said
god forgive me cause it was murder i wrote

and i curl up in a corner and start to cry
as the endless tears roll down my eyes
i grab the blade and press it to my skin
and start to cut deeper within
deeper than i had ever gone before
and there i fall dead on the floor

and then.... and then
no more!

(please what should i do where do i go let me know if this i right...i need to know that someone cares)


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