by Failed Attempt   Oct 19, 2005

What have i done to you
that makes you treat me this way
can you see your destroying you
day after day

i let you get to me
Becuase you know my weaknesses
its not fair
for i do nothing to you

i hate who you are
and how you make me feel
the reason i know why
but that reason isn't good enough

i know you
but do you know yourself
just because your gay
Doesn't give you the right to act how you act

i want nothing to do with you
you say your sorry
but really you don't give a ****
what kind of sister are you i wish you weren't mine

all these years
you continue
having the feeling of satisfaction
matching your insecurities.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Torn

    Umm...i'm sorry..from the bottom of my the poems to you...i can't live without you kate.
    I don't know wat happened..but i think you just missed out on too much of my life when i guess i needed you most. It wasn't things i could just tell u casually that had been happening.
    And now this has gone too far and i don't even know why we're not talking..
    love u always xoxox

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