by Todd   Oct 28, 2005

Guess i know who my true friends are, especially one like katie when she writes this to me

The friend I once had that caught my fall
Together side by side we stand tall.
Me without you is like Tommy without Chuckie.
To have a friend like you, I consider myself lucky.

You were there when I needed arms wide open.
You are like my lucky token.
You give me hope when I break down.
When I canâ??t hear, you are my sound.

Together as one, two hearts beating fast.
This is the truest friendship Iâ??ll ever have, I know its going to last.
The memories will forever remain locked inside my heart.
The truest friend I have, I know youâ??ll never part.

The greatest love of all,
Iâ??ll always catch your fall.
You are my very best friend forever every day.
When youâ??re sad, Iâ??ll be there to say that its ok.

Best friends forever and not a second less.
My truest feelings, to you Iâ??ll be sure to confess.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Katie

    I wrote this for you :)
    i love you todd