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Suddenly you're in this fight alone steppin' out into the great'
unknown nd the night's the hardest time - When the doubts`
run through `yur mind Cuz Suddenly you find yourself alone
Suddenly you find yourself

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : USA, Massachusetts
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Latest Poems By Katie

  • The path isn't clear
    I feel my heart ache...

  • When hope is gone and no one's there
    Live your life like you just don't care...

  • They say love is blind.
    But for us, it was easy to find...

  • After all the changes I made, you changed me the...
    With you, baby its hard to believe that we got...

  • I can't hold on much longer.
    Life is harder now, I need to be stronger...

Latest Quotes By Katie

  • Together we'll make the world jealous
    & wish on every star in the Night sky
    hold hands forever & never ask why

    16 years ago
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  • I'm just another girl you can use
    and I don't mind as long as you're happy

    16 years ago
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  • its just another day that i spend wishing
    that i was laying in ur arms like i used to be

    16 years ago
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