by amanda   Oct 28, 2005

You go around acting like your black
and always grabbing at you sack
well guess what, your white
and you could never put up a fight
you don't have one ounce of black in you
and that goes for all your friends too
you talk like you in a gang
and always naming of girls you wanna bang
do you think its cool to tilt you hat to the side?
well if you went to Chicago looking like that you wouldn't come back alive!
you brag about having a black mans di(k
well your a boy and you carry a little stick.
and if you keep go around talking all that crap
your gonna get a slap.
so next time you wanna make a joke
think twice cuz ill shove a co(k down your throat and make you choke


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  • 16 years ago

    by Tia

    Snap that was awesome..i need to say that to some ppl at my school