Lovers and Friends

by Rican Chemistry   Oct 29, 2005

I am sitting here at work
And even though I have things to do
I keep smiling like crazy
Because I am thinking of you

Times like these I realize
I care for you too much
I just cant help smiling
When I think about your touch

So I am sitting here
Remembering things you say
Like "Go ahead girl"
And "There isn't enough hours in a day"

You so crazy sometimes
And you swear you're a clown
Always got something funny to say
Making me smile when I want to frown

But you can also be mean
In a smart kind of way
Act like you don't give a damn
If I have something to say

But thats just when your mad
And you don't get mad often
Just annoyed by some shit
But thats the end

But you walk into my room
And I swear I feel I lost my head
What we do is so wrong
But I still let you climb on my bed

You get on me and look into my eyes
And I just let go of everything
I let you kiss me where you please
I let you do anything

I don't know if to stop you
Or ask you to please go on
And thats how the hours pass
Until you are gone

But meanwhile you kiss my neck
And oh my God it feels good
I think the way you move
No one else could

Somehow you know what to say
If you say anything at all
And if I start to miss you
Somehow you always call

Its like you know
Whenever I think of you
Because few minutes later
I get a call from you

Too bad your not for keeps
Too bad you are already taken
Too bad that you don't love me
And that I was mistaken

When I said I could keep it cool
That I could keep feelings from showing
I was mistaken when I said
That sex will not turn to loving

But I will smile another day
Because I got alot from you
Not just sex and pleasure
But I have learned from you

You are not just a lover
But you are a great friend
And honestly I hope
That wont change in the end

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  • 13 years ago

    by Ladida

    This poem is awesome because it's so real. I was recently in this situation. Neither of us knew how the other felt, we both thought we were just friends with benefits. Then one drunken night the truth came out and now we're together and I couldn't be happier. He was with someone else too but he liked me more than her and chose to be with me. Maybe this could happen for you too, you never know until you talk about it. You should try to let him know! Great poem. I'll read more of your stuff.