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hey ppl im christina
im very good listner and my ears are always open.. so anyone who needs someone to listn to their problems,.. i love alternative rock, but anything with a good singer and a rythem is fine
um like to write poetry but only when i feel like it is nessesary and not everything i have written has happened but most of it comes to me almost like im posessed or something
but yeh ppl comment when u like my poems i do try on them.
kk ppl see u around

-peace out

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  • We hear them cry to us, yet we turn away.. all they want is to be apart from the coas that they call home...and they see us as thier escape..


    12 years ago
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  • \"If you love someone tell them, because they might have felt the same way, and you may never know without saying how you really feel.\"

    13 years ago
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  • If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, then let the love flow

    14 years ago
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