What Really Matters

by Bia   Nov 23, 2005

What matters the most?
It's how you feel inside.
Happiness can dry up,
all the tears you've cried.

Don't try to impress someone,
impress yourself by being you.
If that someone is for real,
they'll love the things you do.

Don't try to get attention,
by changing the way you dress.
Wear what you want to wear,
you only have yourself to impress.

Don't worry about what people think,
it will only eat you away.
They're the ones who hate themselves,
at the end of everyday.

Don't let rumors get you down,
exspecially if they aren't true.
People just need someone to talk about,
and this time it happend to be you.

Trust me, time will heal,
any heart that shatters.
Try to make yourself feel good,
cause in the end, thats all that really matters.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Dory

    Matt....i love you so much. wow. i think this is my favorite one...and rlly..i rlly needed to read this. thk u for being so inspiring and awesome....love always, Dory