by Melissa D   Dec 4, 2005

An adventerous trip
Surprising and rare
Come stay here with me
Show me how you care

Hold me so tight
Starving for you to
Take care of me
And I'll take care of you

Oh don't you see
What you do to me
Falling so fast
And so free
Catch me in your arms
Cause it feels so right
Kiss me so sweet
In the dead of the night

It's so indescribable
I'm lost for the words
Overwhelmed with thoughts
Of what's rapidly occurred

Your skin so soft
Fingers running through my hair
Wanting these feelings
To unite for us to share

I think you'd agree
What you do to me
Falling so fast
And oh so free
No, don't let it end
Feelings getting stronger
Take in a deep breath
Won't you stay a while longer


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  • 15 years ago

    by ratchild666

    Aww hun this is sooo beautiful. i can totally relate to it. the imagery is wonderful. i love it^_^