by Melissa D   Feb 16, 2005

February 15, 2005

Born so innocent
Without worries or troubles
She smiles with love
As she blows air bubbles

No one ever thinks
About how she'll turn out
Anytime she could change
And be on the wrong route

She looks so innocent
With that sweet smile of hers
Her mind keeps growing
As she learns over the years

She starts at school
And makes many friends
We just hope that
They are good in the end

As time passes on
She's become a teen
So much being done
But never being seen

The looks of innocence
Hidden by a smile
As hearts are breaking
She thinks it's worthwhile

Headed on a bad track
She took the wrong path
No one has a clue
Will she ever get back

Innocent looks
In the faces of youth
No one knows about
The hidden truths


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