Don't Let Me Go

by Melissa D   Dec 26, 2005

Feeling lost
It's like a sickness
Heart bleeding
Sitting affectless

Here I am
Believe me
Hear me
Heal me
Don't let me go
No, don't let me go

Didn't know what to do
Emotions battled
Time passed by while
Damaging events rattled

Over the years
Stories fallen through
Though never seeming to end
It's led me straight to you

Here I am
Believe me
See me
Hold me
Don't let me go
Don't ever let me go

I'll let it show
Feelings set aglow
Don't let love say no
Just want you to know

Cause here I am
Please believe me
Feel me
Hearts beating
Don't let me go
Never let me go
Say you won't let me go


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