by He is really the one   Dec 4, 2005

I\\\\\\\'m just going to write how i feel right about now.I need to write something down so people know how i feel.

He calls me to come over. We sit on the couch and snuggle and he acts like he wants me.Its Tyme for me to go home.He walks me home.He comes in.We eat.He feeds it to me.We make love.He leaves.He tells me hes gonna call me.Never does.I hate it.The next day rolls by its 4:24 p.m. still no call.I call him.He says he\'ll call me back.He can be so sweet on the phone some nites then he want to be an JERK.We go to school the next day he only comes over to get the lunch money i told him i would give to him.He calls me that nite want me to come over i do.He uses me for s*x and money,don\'t you think.I don\'t know if he wants to be with me if he does he has a funny way of showing it.He just is maybe too shy too tell me he still has feelings for me.Cause his friends will make fun of him.I don't know but something need to happen.I don't want to feel like this anymore.

Please comment and tell me what i should do.I need help on this.Thank you.


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  • 18 years ago

    by Dani

    I hate to say this but i think that you are right when you say he is using you. Dont give hime that power. All you're doing is showing him that he has the control over you. The more control he thinks he has, the more he is going to do it and the more you are going to get hurt. I dont know you but if i were in that situation i would try my hardest to get back out because you are better than that. All girls DESERVE better than that. My advice leave him there on his ass. Show him that you dont want him, even if you still do. The more you distance yourself the better you will feel in the long run. Than he is gonna want you more and more and thats when its time for payback. I hoped i helped. Good luck to you.