Why does this happen

by He is really the one   Dec 22, 2005

Are we falling apart we just had a change of heart were not as close as we used to be why do you think that is i always said we would be together forever i guess i was wrong i hear this sad song the other day i was like hey that used to be us we were so happy but now were drifting apart my heart will never mend but i will pretend that i never gave the other half to you please god tell me what do i do I'm broken i pieces nobody sees the real me i have lost myself in this life of misery can we just go our separate ways find someone new i want to fly fly high in the sky to look down apon you maybe in the future i can be happy like i was four years before then i didn't even like you is this coming from me what happened do you know i dint think so we grew on each other and what did i see that little angel looking down on me she told me you were the one the one to hold my hand when i was down pick me up when i fall to the ground but now your not holding my hand or making me stand I'm reaching for your hand but you wont reach back

please comment on this i don't many comments on this i changed through the whole thing its kinda weird though


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