Pain is love. A story of a girl and a boy.

by He is really the one   Mar 6, 2006

This pain I'm feeling, will it ever go away? I don't think so cause it's you that has my heart now. Love is all pain so you have to take it. If you can't take the pain then you don't even need to be in love, or even think about trying.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a story of a boy and a girl. They used to hate each other with a passion. The boy would always give dirty looks. The girl secretly liked the boy without him knowing. A year goes by and boy and girl meet up again. Boy starts flirting with girl. Boy asks for girls number. Boy calls her that same day!!! Boy and girl get closer. Boy asks girl to come over one day. Girl does.They watch a movie. A couple weeks later boy and girl are getting closer. Then boy asks girl out. Girl gets really happy and says yes.Girl and boy have gotten really close Boy and girl have been together for 1 month and 2 weeks. Boy and girl are pretty much inseparable. Then tragic strikes. Girl moves away from boy. Boy and girl get really upset. Boy tells girl everything will be OK.Boy has kept his word. Boy and girl are still together.~~~~~~~~~~TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!


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