No One Wins a War

by Larry   Dec 6, 2005

"I finally got the letter today!
I am going to war!
Am I going to die?
What do you think my family will say?"
... the young man tearfully asked.

His good friend attempted to answer.
"You poor bastard," he thought to himself,
before he eventually stammered...
"You suck it up, and you do your task!"

"That is easy for you to say!"
Then, after snapping at his friend,
he saw a letter protruding from the boy's pocket.
They received the very same letter...
the very same day!

Several days later,
A bus filled with children makes its way to war;
The level of anxiety could not have been any greater,
The GI toddlers were knocking on boot camp's door!
The numerous babes soon stepped off the bus,
A drill sergeant immediately began to curse;
The privates were then introduced to gravel and dust,
Many were too naïve to know it would get worse!
They left their families behind,
And to a new family they now belonged;
It was uncharted territory to the body and mind,
Many felt as though they had somehow been wronged!


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  • 16 years ago

    by ~*~MoNiQuE~*~

    Yes it is bumpy and could be writting better! but its the raw truth about war. ok how many times have i commented on ur poems now? u need 2 write sum more for me 2 comment! i luv ur writting..feel free 2 give me critizism on my own