When a Child Becomes a Man

by Larry   Dec 6, 2005

Give me the strength to be who You want me to be,
Give me the self fortitude to set my torrid soul free!

Satan has become the master of my inner being!
I do not want him in my life; yet, on him I continue leaning!

Because of my inability to be a man who is mature and strong,
I walk in the path of sin, and with foolish behavior I continue on!

I would give what money I have to never again straddle the fence,
I want to fight a good battle while using the Scripture as my defense!

I want to use Your words to weave a great spell,
I want to split asunder the wicked demons of Hell!

Please, Father, give me another of my many final chances!
Do not allow me to lust for harlots or their beguiling dances!

Keep my lips from the most diluted of wine,
Help me to be of a strong soul and sober mind!

Dear God, if You will, be my crutch that I may someday stand;
And, when I die, let the words of others say I was a righteous man!


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Latest Comments

  • 17 years ago

    by ~*~MoNiQuE~*~

    There is nothing more consoling than the pain and unworthyness of another person! helps and provides hope for all that know! and there is also nothing more deep and meaningful than a spiritual poem!

  • 17 years ago

    by asia

    I hope and pray that my brother grows and asks god to guide him into becoming a good man.

    i liked ur poems i hope that u continue to pursue all of ur dreams

    just so that u know because of accident doesn't meant that ur life ended there it's still going. so never think negative only the best.