How Do I

by Chelsea Renae   Dec 17, 2005

She fought back her tears
as she watched him go
the only one she's ever loved
but she wouldn't let it show

he had promised to never make her cry
now he's saying he doesn't want to be together
she can't change his mind
she thought they would last forever

she can't stop crying
playing back memories in her head
knowing she'll never be ok without him
remembering every word he said

she wanted things to work so bad
and she can't let him go now
wait she yelled and he turned around
before you go just let me know how

how to fall asleep if you're not next to me
how I'm supposed to breathe without you
how I can forget about us
what am I supposed to do

how do I make things right
how do I get by without your touch
how do I stop loving you
how do I not miss you so much

how do I stop the tears
how do I stay strong
how do I unbreak my heart
when letting go feels so wrong

answer me these questions
and then you can go
but I will always love you
that you have to know

he turned away from her
then looked back with a tear in his eye
I don't want to hurt you
it scares me to ask myself why

why can't I fall asleep without you next to me
why can't I breathe without you
why can't I forget about us
why don't I know what to do

why can't I make things right
why do I feel weak without your touch
why can't I stop loving you
why would I miss you so much

why can't I stop the tears
why can't I stay strong
why am I breaking your heart
when letting go feels so wrong

she walked toward him
and then their lips met
knowing if they ever let go
they would only have regret


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  • 14 years ago

    by Chelsea Renae

    Thanx everyone...your comments mean a lot to me


  • Good poem..

    if you have a chance check out mine...


  • 14 years ago

    by Samantha

    Wow... this was so amazing! you did such a wonderful job... i love this poem so much its just so sad and beautiful! keep up the good work... im adding you to my favorites...


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