She Took You

by Chelsea Renae   Sep 24, 2006

I miss you

I love you so much more
than you could ever understand
you touched my heart
and warmed my hand

everything has changed
I just want it all back
we used to be best friends
and I really miss that

talking on the phone
every single day
telling eachother everything
and making it all ok

nothing else mattered
because I knew I always had you
but now you're with her
and I know that it's not true

she took you away from me
and you gave up the fight
it's like you just didn't care anymore
even though you knew it wasn't right

we used to be so close
and our friendship was so strong
then we had even stronger feelings
and everything went wrong

I wish that you would call me
and that she wasn't around
I wish that you would be here
to pick me back up from the ground

I miss you


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