by Chelsea Renae   Jul 21, 2006

Just tell me that you're over her
just tell me you've changed your mind
I wanna feel the way I feel when I'm with you
tell me I'm the best you'll ever find

you know how I feel about you
but you don't know how much
I wanna be with you
and I wanna feel your touch

don't let me make a fool of myself
don't think you can just walk away
we've been friends for so long now
but we never had the words to say

now you told me you have feelings
and you know that I do to
why can't you just tell her goodbye
because I've fallen in love with you

please don't make me cry over you
and don't make this mistake
you staying with her isn't right
now it's my heart that'll break

I wish I would have told you sooner
like what you tried to do with me
but I didn't feel the same then
just friends was all I could see

now it's so much more than that
and I just want to go back to the past
when I could've said it back to you
then I could've made it last

but now everything is so messed up
and I can't just pretend
that I'm not in love with you
but at the same time I don't want our friendship to end


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