Has To Be Worth The Fight

by Chelsea Renae   Dec 19, 2005

I've seen him so many times
but it'll never be the same again
we loved each other so much
so why did we let it end

we said our goodbyes
knowing it couldn't be true
we would meet someday soon
I will always have love for you

how could you just stand there
right next to me and not say a word
not knowing what to say
but I swear I still heard

I could have imagined it
or maybe I just wanted to believe
that you whispered "I still love you
and I never wanted you to leave"

I know what you once meant to me
and I can't forget that day
I felt a tear fall down my cheek
while I just watched you walk away

away from everything that used to matter
and I know it had to feel so wrong
how could I just let you slip away
while I pretended to be strong

I couldn't lose my pride
but now it's all I regret
why does love have to be so painful
I wish I could just forget

forget the times you held me
forget the way you made me smile
forget laying under the stars
just talking for a while

forget a love that's meant to be
forget how I felt from just your touch
forget how happy we were
forget that I love you so much

but I can't just let it all go
and I'm tired of crying myself to sleep at night
I know holding on to our love
has to be worth the fight


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