Ready for this world (No-one needs a daddy)

by Bleeding Mascara   Jan 5, 2006

*Hello ppl maybe you could help me think of a lace for this poem to go? this is the best I can think of... This poem is sorta confusing but I just wanted to submit it for my benefit it didn't matter to me that it wasn't clear so yer.... thanks,*

I'm daddy's little girl,
I'm stuck in this beautiful world,
but I'm torn part,
made to choose between the love in his heart-and my mum.
Mum never got me no where,
she only got me here,
what am I to do,
thanks for nothing Ma,
maybe I can start a courier and follow in your steps,
sucking 1 guy to the next,
I dun think so Ma,
I am so much different.
I'm daddy's little girl,
meant for another world,
where nobodies gunna get hurt,
nobodies gunna cry,
cos I'm smart I know where to go,
I got it all planned,
I want ma daddy to know,
I made the right step,
I'm going on my own,
I don't need ma daddy no more,
I can take care of my mummy all by ma own.
I will ween her off the needle,
and pull her first tooth,
all these steps I'm making without you daddy,
this is just a little proof,
that wen you left me I was ready,
I was already cape-able,
I was planning to go to college,
I told you-you did not have the knowledge.
Cos I'm daddy's littlle girl,
but u didn't know I was ready for this world,
u didn't think I wanted u daddy,
so u left b4 i came outy,
u thought I wood be like mum,
u know all this by the ultrasound of me sucking my thumb,
well that was kind of dumb,
to judge me in the womb,
b4 I came out of that cocoon,
b4 u could give me a chance,
but I'm daddy's little girl,
in this world on my own.
I don't have a daddy,
he left b4 I got home,
so now here I am Ive got a gal of my own,
shes 28 yrs older then 14yr old me,
and every time I see her I say hey mummy,
cos shes her mummies big girl,
and she isn't ready for this world,
I took her under my wing,
and now I'm ready for anything.
so thank you daddy heres your little girl,
that u ain't never seen,
but don't worry I'm taking care of mummy just fine,
maybe one day you could stop on bi,
to see your little girl,
who is more ready for this world-
then you will ever be.


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Latest Comments

  • 18 years ago

    by Siamko

    Really like your poem, it has so much feeling in it. Sad poems are the best kind

  • 18 years ago

    by Spitfire

    Omg its amazing
    i know excatly what it is about
    i love it
    its amazing
    omg its so good
    i hope u keep writing like this
    cuz im adding u to my favs!!

  • 18 years ago

    by RetiCent

    Wow, very sad poem, I felt your pain you were going through while I read this, I hope someday i'll be talented enough to right a great work of art like this 5/5 hands down!

  • Strong,cut very nice...keep ritting u have potential

  • 18 years ago

    by Poetvoices

    Congrats. It was good.

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