Hopefully This Isn't A Final Goodbye

by aDORKable x3   Feb 5, 2006

Did you ever expect this to happen?
Do you ever think we could've made it?
I wonder, at times, if this is what was best?
Is it true what I've been hearing?
Do you know that your name still gives me butterflies?
Or that that the Lifehouse song still reminds me of you?
Did you know that I still care?
Do you think I'm still crazy for the way I treated you at the end?
Would you care if I still cared?
Do you still care enough?
Is it true you wrote me a poem?
Are afraid to talk to me because of everything?
Is all you want is to be friends?
Do you know that that's not what I want all?
Do you know that I'm sorry for the way I became?
Do you know that at lunch is when I miss you more?
Do you know that my hands are still cold and I have no one to hold them?
Did you know that I wanted YOU to be my Valentine, no one else?
Did you know that I never let you go, ever?
Do you forgive me for the things I've said either to or about you?
Are you ever gonna talk to me again?
If you did, would we ever be anything ever again?
Do you know that you are all I ever think about anymore?
When you see me, do you remember everything we went through together?
Did you know that I look for you in the hallways when I'm pretending to look for someone else?
Did you know that mostly when I'm smiling, I'm thinking about you?
Do you think this is it or do you think we can give it another try?
Do you think this is a final goodbye?


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