It's As If

by Anna   Feb 16, 2006

It's as if I don't even know you,
You're a stranger among my heart.
It's like you're not the same anymore,
I know we've been drifting apart.

It's like walking among shadows,
Feeling lost, alone with no face to show.
It's like you've been breaking my heart.
And I'm the last one to know.

It's like I'm ashamed of what I am,
And everything that I feel inside.
It's like I'm stuck inside this hell,
With no escape or a place to hide.

It's as if I bury the burden I carry,
I can't speak of what I think or feel.
It's as though my life is meaningless,
I can never tell what's fake or real.

It's like my heart will never mend.
You won't let me escape from the fear.
You keep me under you and you're in control,
I have no one to hold me dear.

It's like the future is so far away,
I'm paralyzed in this place.
I've grown to adapt to my surroundings,
I'll live at this saddened pace.


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