This Heart of Mine

by Anna   Feb 26, 2006

Please this forgive this heart of mine,
For i know not when it breaks.
Please forgive this body of mine,
For i cannot control when it aches.

Please forgive these eyes of mine,
For the tears are like a stream.
Please forgive this mind of mine,
For it stays in a state of a dream.

Please forgive these hands of mine
For wanting to hold you close.
Please forgive this soul of mine.
For needing you the most.

Please forgive these ears of mine,
For wanting to hear what's true.
Please forgive this heart of mine,
For falling in love with you.

Please forgive these feet of mine,
For needing to walk away.
Please forgive this love of mine,
For slowly fading away.

Please forgive this body of mine,
For trembling from your touch.
Please forgive everything i've done,
You're the one i wanted so much.


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Hades

    I have honestly run out of things to say, everything i have said applies to this, sheer masterwork

  • 14 years ago

    by .::BrokenHrt::.

    Hey gr8 riting!! keep it up XoX