Never good enough

by BrokenxLaughs   Feb 22, 2006

I sat there all alone
wishing I had someone to call
I felt as if I didn't have friends
And nobody cared about me at all
I felt all alone
Sitting there not feeling loved
I guess being myself just wasn't enough
I wanted to explain how I wanted to fit in
I wanted to explain that I'm not who I was then
I'm a person who can handle pain
And not run away from a fight
Ive been hoping and praying every night
That somebody would except me for who I am
And I wouldn't have to be somebody else and pretend
I was about to say goodbye and just give up
But then I had an idea, and I thought
If I run away and never meet my fears
Will I try again or just fall to tears
I wanna cry but yet stay strong
I don't know what to do until the last regret is gone
I have regrets of giving up and failing
I have regrets of people and dating
I want a boyfriend and a lot of friends too
But to ask that, is that to much for you?
To give me friends and what I need
I won't give up till I succeed
It may take months it may take days
We may never know the secret ways
But until that day comes that I reach my dreams
I'm not gonna give up, and I'm not scream
I'm not going to ask for a easy way out
And I'm not even going to think about having any doubts
I'll just stand up and keep my ground
I'll stand up and I won't fall down
I will not fail and I will try
I know one of these days, My dreams will reach the sky.


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  • 15 years ago

    by master of shadow

    Brilliantly written, good use of vocab and very well written overall.