Can't wait that long

by BrokenxLaughs   Feb 21, 2006

I've tried and tried to tell you
that things would be right
that i wouldn't cry
and I'd stay strong every night
but you what you didn't know
is that i was dying inside
I had ways to show it
just ways that you didn't see
I cut myself to deep
and caused me to bleed
but nobody knew or nobody cared
nobody loved me and nobody stared
stared at the pain that i do just to get me through
but no-one ever understands
it might always be this way
but i wish that you knew how much I needed you
Love me for who I am
Or hate me for who I'm not
Its your call
You in, or not?


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  • 15 years ago

    by pLeASeTakEMyHeArT

    U got the vibe of the sound totally making sense. I like how u say it.. Great poem. Keep writing! 5/5