One Big Lie

by Dory   Mar 6, 2006

Today is gonna be the day I'm gonna throw it all back at you

You really should have known what you were gettin yourself into

I thought you cared, that you were there and you'd never make me cry

Then you turn around and take my trust, turn it into a lie

You turned my friends against me, caught them in your spell

you just sat there, laughing, as I harshly fell

So yeah, they all believed you, but when will they all see?

You just might do the same to them, the terrible things you did to me

So now I'm standing here, asking, "God, why?"

God finally helped me understand, you are just one big lie.

**most likely to be continued. **


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  • 13 years ago

    by zach

    Yes tht is one BIG lie babi