Lie about Forever

by ~*Layna*~   May 7, 2006

My body is numb.
I'm frozen in the past.
All the things I want to end,
All just seem to last.

Forever meant so much to me.
That was too long for you.
I see how you look at it.
And you see how I look at it too.

I wanted this to last.
And it just won't work out.
I want you to hear the things,
That I am screaming out loud.

What I want is to much.
Because forever is too long.
I don't know what I saw in you,
That made these feelings so strong.

A teardrop on the hard wood floor,
Tells it's stories as do mine.
A photo album left on the sheets,
That review the spent time.

I see what I couldn't before,
And that Makes me want to forget.
Because the person I know now.
Is not the person I first met....


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  • 16 years ago

    by Kaylalala

    It was just constructive critiscism and i'm sorry that it offended you