Deep Dark End

by ~*Layna*~   May 9, 2006

My nightmares bring me back.
From this place I can't explain.
Where the trees are made of debris.
And tears fall for rain.

My nightmares take me down.
Bruises and scratches are all that's left.
I'm nothing without you.
I'm left in deep distress.

The nightmares that once haunt me,
Are becoming true.
And when they appear,
The form they take is you.

The clouds that surround me.
Are nothing but bad days.
But yet they still consume me,
In many mischievous ways.

The blood that lies ahead.
Once belonged to you.
When I got there I was too late.
And I knew there was nothing I could do.

I love you and you need to know,
That no one can compare.
The love that you gave in return,
Was something I used to breathe like air.

I think I took you for granted.
And I blame myself for what happened.
And when I saw your life taken away.
I knew it was a deep dark end...


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  • 17 years ago

    by Kaylalala

    Wow melaina i am at a lost for words that is one of the best poems you have ever written and wow i just... I LOVED IT! wow not one thing wrong with it WOW

  • 17 years ago

    by Genna

    I abolutely loved your poem. It was moving! Great writing.