I hate being treated like dirt

by ♥•oOo MaDdiSoN ♥•oOo[[i LuV JoSiE]]   May 9, 2006

I cry myself to sleep each endless night
shaking with fear cause i feel so much fright

I've missed your sweet words more than ever its true
I've missed feeling complete by the feeling of hugging you

This House Is Full Of Anger Which Has Got To Do With Me
because now your not someone i always get to see

I'm just a frightened girl with a low self esteem
who hates it when people just stop and be mean

i can't control myself when i get treated like dirt
i just think to myself "f u c k this shit, one more cut won't hurt"

i don't like to be treated like I'm always second best
like I'm not as good as everyone, not as good as the rest

i try to put everyone before me and not think of my pain
only till i get home when i just go insane

i hate change and want things just to be great
instead of things always going up and down at the fastest rate

i don't like being fobbed off where i can't share how i feel
when people never listen then the pain never seems to heal

i wanted to stay out with her and never ever come home
we could live together forever and we'd never feel alone

just needed to vent....i hope you liked my poem


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  • 14 years ago

    by hm

    BaBy yEa lIfE SUKz Nd chAnGe oNLy cOmE weN U dNt wAnT It BUT B sTrOnG Lol I fEeL LyK a ScHoOL CaNcElLoR If dAtS HoW U sPeLl iT wElL yEa i No My dAd wASnT MeAnT 2 STaY aT THa HoUsE TiL I SeD I Was oK wIf iT buT He nEvEr lEfT So i Was lYk oK LIERS bUt yEa i hAtE BeInG aT HomE It kIllS Me eVeN MOrE thAt iM aCtUllY By My SElF WiF OuT U.....weLl tHeRes NoT MucH MOr 2 SaY EveRy thInG sO OLD ScHoOL So uSed 2 thiS ShiT weLl iM BOuSeN wB If yA WAnT (YOU BETTA) LMfAo wEll ilL CaLl yA 2niGht mWaH LUv yA sOoOoO muCh

  • 14 years ago

    by xEmmax

    I loved it huni! it was a brilliant poem. im sorry things are so hard, try and stay strong :)
    lots of luv xxxxxx

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