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hi im maddison! i HaTe mAh LyF.... N dA PpL iN It cAn Be S0o MeAn AnD tHEy wiLL nEvA n0o da pain i fEEl each day! I OnLy HaVe mYsELf In ThIs LyF aNd I GoTtA b HaPpY wIf dAt, i FeEL LiKe CuTtInG eVeRyDaY...i am still in l0ve with my ex i dont no what to do i just want to die...
+..+..+..EvErYtiMe I c YoUr FaCe, EvErYtiMe u LoOk mY wAy, iTs LiKe It aLL fALLz iNtO PLaCe, eVeRyThiNg fEeLz rIgHT..+..+..+

+..+..I don't feel any shame,
I won't apologize...WhEn DeR aiN't n0wHeRe U cAn gO, RUnNiNg aWaY fRoM pAiN,
WeN y0u'Ve bEen VicTiMiZeD, TALes FroM aNoTheR bRoKeN hOmE..+..+

*..*..The drops of rain they fall all over
This awkward silence makes me crazy
The glow inside burns light upon her
I'll try to kiss you if you let me..*..*

..+..+..tHe MoTtO WaS JuSt A LiE...iT sAiD 'home is where your heart is' BuT wHaT a ShAmE cOz eVeRyOnEs HeArT DoEsN'T BeAt tHe sAmE...iTS bEaTiNg oUt Of TiMe..+..+..

**..**..i read the graffiti in the bathroom stall like the holy striptures of the shopping mall, and so it seemed to confess, it didn't say much but it only confirmed the the CENTRE OF THE EARTH is the end of the world..**..**..

why does love have to hurt so much? im dying of a broken heart, i dont no how much more i can take....!

i love simple PLan, I LOVE GREEN DAY AND HOW HOT IS DA GUY IN JESUS OF SUBERBIA VIDEO CLIP?? SOO SEXCC, I LOVE Good ChARlotte, Papa Roach, THE USED! and My ChemIcAl RoMaNcE, BlInK 182, KiSS cHaSeY i also love like Missy Higgins, HiLaRy DuFf n THE VERONICAS RULE AND KELLY CLARKSON IS MY IDOL! i ALSO love Avril Lavigne
Hope u aLL LyK MaH PoEmZ! please comment it meAnS A LoT 2 n0O WhAt u All ThInk...AND i always return the favour! "Any girl/guy can look into your eyes a million times, and still not be able to see all of the things I see in just one glance..."********************n alSo A sPeCiAl ThAnKZ 2 aLL dA pEoPLe HeRe hOo hAvE HeLPeD me....to torn apart my best friend in the whole world who without i wouldnt b here, xEmmax, hm, jocelyn, ♥TiNyDaNcEr46♥, ♥•oOo Nikki oOo•♥© n so much mor.. thankz 2 all of y0o coz without u i dun0o where i would b, ur poems inspire me 2 write n help me in so many ways!....please write me comments, i almost always return the favour!! i really would like to know what you all have to say!

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