Death (Part Two)

by Brittney Follett   Jun 9, 2006

Walking through the halls, I can still hear my screams.
It was so long ago and it still haunts my dreams.
Satan has no mercy, has no love, he is my master.
We pause at his door my memories spin faster.

My fear comes crashing; I start to shake.
I turn the knob; I tell myself this is fake.
The door is ripped open, he stands right there.
A hand reaches out, and grabs my hair.

I pull along the girl, hoping to get this done
He looks at her and snaps his fingers, Time for fun!
The room goes black; I hear a scream
The light comes on Im alone with him, Just a dream

He laughs and says, This is no dream Darlin,
This is as real as it gets, now get in.
He grabs my wrist, its darker than night
He points to my room, I freeze in fright.

Please no, you promised me you wouldnt!
I said Id never let you free, not that I shouldnt
He throws me in and locks the door.
He snaps his fingers; I fall to the floor.

He grabs my hair and hauls me to my feet.
He pulls me to my chair, Have a seat.
He stands behind me. I can feel his breath.
Oh please no It smells like death.

I close my eyes and block out everything.
Nothing is real, nothing is happening.
I hear a noise, a frightening high pitch scream.
I start to realize its coming from me.

He grabs my hair, pulls back my head.
He puts his lips near my ear, Time for us to wed.
Please no. I say through tears, Oh god, please no.
God has never helped you what now makes you think so?

I ignore him, thoughts spinning in my head.
Just the images of marrying him, Id rather be dead.
He looks at me and says, Doesnt matter what you think.
Im going to have you, I can kill you in a blink.

Kill me then, Id rather die than marry you.
Too bad Darlin, and you know thats not true.
You want me, I can see it in your eyes.
What about my girl? Hope you said your good byes.

So you sent me to Earth, just to get my wings?
I sent you to Earth so I could make your ring.
Out of his pocket he pulls something out.
Its one of Hells rings I can tell without a doubt.

Theyre as black as death, yet brighter than light
Theyre hotter than hell, only made at night.
Once you take it, its forever yours
Its a part of you. It sinks into your core.

Im going to have you, like it or not.
I turn from his gaze, from the things he taught.
He taught me everything, from handling pain, to sing.
Now he has me all alone and giving me this ring.

I dont have a choice, you would make me
marry you anyway, youll never set me free.
I have nothing to live for now, it's no longer there.
I wish it could end now, this is more than I can bear.

I didnt think my life could be worse,
My hand reaches out, to take the curse
You can have me, I have nothing to live for,
Hells inside of me, you planted it at my core.

Its evil inside of me, I can feel it now.
You gave it to me the night you made a vow.
You vowed youd have me, someday, someway
You now have me, I have nothing more to say.

I embrace his hate and lies, my fate, in one breath.
I cannot escape this; my name is Death.
I am immortal, I can only hate.
This is my future; God was too late.

God didnt save me, he didnt help me.
Now Satan has me. I can never be free
I can never feel love; Satan has me in chains
I am to suffer for eternity in pain.

He rules me and my life, I can't be freed
I take the ring, this is my most horrible deed.
My life was taken with Satans first breath,
Im just a broken angel, named Death.

** second part to the poem called Death **

Sick. &. Tired. Of. Waiting. !!!

Copyright © Brittney Follett


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by NyellMoonlight

    You are so talented! Another amazing one, but the part 2 of "Death" is more focussed on emotions then imagery, which is good, because that changes the atmosphere and keep the poem interesting. Whole poem is long, but it is so effective in every part, that I even want to read more!
    Breathtaking piece.
    Keep writing!

  • 13 years ago

    by in.need.of.a.lucky.charm

    Aww. that was cool. i love two parters. keep it up bub

    much love and many kisses,

  • 13 years ago

    by BECCA lessTHANthree

    Wow.. i LOVED the ending.. it was perfect.. again good rhymes and great emotion.. the flow was better in this half than the first and in this line

    "He taught me everything, from handling pain, to sing.
    Now he has me all alone and giving me this ring."

    idk why you said to sing.. you never mentioned anything about singing to let out your pain.. idk maybe its a forced rhyme?

  • 13 years ago

    by Jenni

    I must say that this is the longest poem i've read on poems-and-quotes. It is very good, not once did I feel like it lacked anywhere. Just amazing! 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by Katlynn

    Amazing half of this peom. but what i caught in this is that you wanted to be dead but you were already dead so i don't know what that make since or something so yeah that's what i caught but anyways this was an amazing half like i have said in the beginning you did an amazing job.

    keep it up. keep on writing. love always && forever.

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