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I could be one of those people who always wants the attention and screams out to people who they do not even know, however, I chose to live in a twisted reality, where I believe no one wants my attention, nor do I want to give it out, so if you believe otherwise, then it is best to not stay.


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  • Age : 21
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  • Country : USA, Oklahoma
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Latest Poems By Jenni

  • I like that in a girl
    When she has her head held high...

  • And it was bleeding on the bathroom floor,
    that you decided not to take it anymore...

  • Take me back to our place
    and tell me it was such a waste...

  • If only I could write the rights words
    The ones that don't sound absurd...

  • I just felt the weight of the world fall,
    My heart is heavy, I feel so small...

Latest Quotes By Jenni

  • Love is a strong bond between two people that cannot be broken under any circumstances.

    9 years ago
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