Dad Where were you?????

by lana   Jun 19, 2006

Where were you
on the day i arrived
Everyone was surprise that i survived

Where were you
When my first word was dad
How my mum felt sad
She new you would never share
This moment
That she really cared

Where were you
When i was two
When i started going to the loo
And when i was excited to do a poo

Where were you
When i was three
When i thought i was free

Where were you
When i was four
When i learned to open my door

All my years
And all my tears
You never cared

Your in my life now
not that i wouldn't care
But i let my daughters life for you to share

If you ever treat her
As though you don't care

You can go
And it will show you
Like the years when i was two


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  • 14 years ago

    by lexie

    I really liked this one.i kno the feeling of not having a dad there.glad to see hes there now.-lexie