The Dreaded Disease

by Rowena Smith   Aug 22, 2006

It slowly creeps up on you

Like a shadow

Into your life it filters

Destroying you and your family

You slowly start to fade

Drawn into the evil of the shadow

You try to fight

But it has you in its grip

As you lie in that bleached room

So unfamiliar to you

Your family sitting around

As you slowly slip away

Into the oblivion forever

As your spirit floats free

You see everything

As you hover above

Looking down at the scene

You watch trying to talk

To tell your family

You are there with them

No sound comes out

Down you float

To touch them

To comfort them

Pieces of you break off

To join them all

In their lonely hearts

Before your soul goes to heaven

To watch down on them forever

Until the time comes for them

To come and join you


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Andrew

    This is really sad but nicely penned. You got talent

  • 16 years ago

    by LawRah

    A really nice poem, I like it:)

    Read mine & comment please...