Just a thought (part two)

by Jennifer   Oct 25, 2006

How can you say you love me, and bring me so much pain?

How can someone so special be driving me insane?

All the times I remember being in your arms,

I used to feel so safe; you used to bring no harm,

Please tell me you're kidding, and she's really just a friend,

Help me please! I can't seem to comprehend,

I can't seem to remember, when you started acting different,

But now that I have time, I remember the abandonment,

Why did you have to go and do this, why did you have to cheat on me?

Did she make you feel that good, why couldn't she just let you be?

You don't really know, the pain I feel inside,

But don't worry though, this kind of feeling I'll learn to hide,

If you really think she'll make you feel, the things I made you feel,

Then go on and be with her, my heart will slowly heal,

But when you realize, that this was all just a mistake,

I won't be here to take you back, and the pain you'll have to take,

Te deseo lo mejor, I will always wish you the best,

And in the future when you see, all you'll feel is regret….


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