I miss you..

by Jennifer   Nov 18, 2006

All those times I had with you, all those sweet memories of us

Keep passing through my mind, each time, i can't seem to forget what was,

at times i feel so happy, like you've finally left my mind,

but then out of nowhere comes an image, kind of like a sign,

am i not meant to forget you? was it really meant to be?

can all of this we have be something different, do you see?

the time i spent without you, felt like i made a grave mistake,

i hurt myself while hurting you, both our hearts i had to break,

now that i see you walk beside me, trying hard not to stop,

i know you wish the same as me, together we were on top,

we were really perfect for eachother, you were really "the one"

i cant believe i ended this, i cant believe we're done,

i cant believe i let you go, and now you have someone new,

and i know i shouldnt be talking because i have someone too,

but you know, noone compares to you, together you know we grew,

you know you're the only one who can turn my brown eyes blue,

i miss you babe, sometimes i just cant bear, not being in your arms,

sometimes it feels so unfair, you were the one who kept me out of harm,

i shouldve given us a try, but now all i seem to do is cry,

my eyes are full of tears, like the rain falling from the sky,

maybe one day you'll come back, but then maybe one day you won't,

maybe we only got one chance, and now i wish i would have known,

i cant help keep looking back, at the one that got away,

i know im the one at fault, now all i can do is pray,

im sorry for ever hurting you, im sorry im hurting you now,

i just really need to feel that again, ill never hurt you, i take this vow,..


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